1986 to 1991James Edward Bullen

1978 to 1986 Thomas Bennett Langton

1964 Major General Richard Lawrence Bond

1950 to 1964 W. Attenborough

1923 to 1950 Earl of Malmesbury

1901 to 1923 Sir Augustus F. Webster

1869 to 1891 R.W. Bro. Beach

1840 to 1869 (Hampshire) Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis

This site has only recently (2021) been transferred from a different hosting company and is being populated slowly with files, there is a lot more to come. There are 103 Lodge histories to published at this time and many more need to be accounted for.

There are 247 Lodges in the Province

119 Posted to date.

We also have a few Histories to publish on Provincial Grand Masters previously published on the other hosting company, on, Alun Chun (Already written), Brian Bellinger (Already Written), Ernest Moss (Already Written) and of Course Mike Wilks (Now on the web site but some pictures still to be added)

Come back soon.

Brett. 08/01/24